Glow Neon provides Guaranteed safe and secure payment checkout via Stripe Payment (VISA | MASTERCARD | DISCOVER | AMEX)

Prices are listed in US Dollars (USD), and all payments must be made in USD by Stripe Payment.

The company reserves the absolute right to adjust the price of any product at any time and without warning.

The product price stated throughout the store is accurate and will appear as such at checkout.

The shipping rate mentioned on our shipping information site is legitimate and will appear as such during the checkout process.

On checkout, you will be charged the exact amount that is indicated in the order.

You will not be charged for any amount that is not specified in the order.

You will not be charged for any orders that cannot be fulfilled, and Glow Neon Store will reimburse any amounts deducted from your account.

Payment is payable as soon as the purchase is accepted. Glow Neon Store may take and shall be entitled to receive payment in respect of the order after you have made your order.

has the absolute right to accept or refuse any mode of payment.

Does not save any information about your credit card, or debit card.

Glow Neon Store will require the following information to fulfill an order:

  • Email or phone number of the customer
  • The shipping address of the customer
  • The billing address of the customer